This site supports the idea that life is the big career which includes, but is not limited, to job. We do many things as we go through life which blend in ways we could never have planned or maneuvered into being. If you value any one of the following, you'll like what you find here:



Trusting Life

Making Positive Memories

Loving All Your Decisions


But what about the benefits? Following are a few of the wonderful benefits of living Life as your big career:

1. Feeling happy about your life. The New Careering offers you permission to use your gifts to the maximum loving yourself as you are and life as it is while you work on those things you want to improve. As Charlie Brown in Peanuts once said, "Potential is a heavy burden" so forget striving for potential just love it and use it.

2. Less stress. Lighten up. Use Intentions and scheduling which means doing what needs doing but within the rhythm of your life. If you want to get biblical about it remember the Sermon on the Mount, "Take no thought for tomorrow." This means when you do your best each day, tomorrow takes care of itself.

Occasionally you may want to blend goals/plans with ntentions and scheduling. Life is a BOTH/AND propoosition.

3. Reduced mind clutter. Here's one example. It's been said, "If you don't know where you're going you'll probably end up somewhere else," however, even if you do know where you're going, most likely, you'll still end up somewhere else. Cleaning out mind clutter means dropping conventional wisdom such as this and meeting life as it comes to you.

Look at your life. You get up each morning planning to do certain things, but as the day passes, unexpected interruptions occur which you didn't expect. Those who understand life is the big career, just roll with the process and make corrections as they go along, without complaint or comment.

4. A feeling that you are part of the fabric of your life, not dangling threads looking for an organization. .

Well, you'll learn more when you really get into Lifecareering. Look at the four books I've written: http://www.life-is-career.com/booksfin.html

  1. How NOT To Make It...And Succeed: Life on Your Own Terms;
  2. Lifecareer®: How It Can Benefit You;
  3. Lifecareer(R): The Quantum Leap into a Process Theory of Career; and
  4. Learning, Practicing, and Living the New Careering.

You should know that I didn't plan to create the New Careering. It created itself in my life as I went along. You can read how it happened, both the up and down side, in the New Careering History, http://www.life-is-career.com/history.html

If you're having difficulty with your own life direction, click over to the article, Life Direction: The Teeter Totter of Life.

Comments or questions, e-mail me: anna@life-is-career.com.

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Two 15 minute PowerPoint CDs which detail Tiedeman and Miller-Tiedeman's work.

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New Publications

Volume 1 - The Anna and David Connection: A Story of Love and Accomplishment details their early correspondence and contributions.

Volume 2 - Seminal Journal Articles, Chapters in Books, and Unpulished manuscripts.

Volume 3 - Tiedeman's Reports, Professional and Personal Letters.

These three volumes provide an accurate account of and easy access to the major work of Anna Miller-Tiedeman and David V. Tiedeman.